Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back to Life

Have decided it's time to resurrect my blog!  My poor neglected blog!  Took me awhile to find it - thought maybe Blogger Boss had deleted me - but still there!
Just checking this still works!

Monday, March 26, 2012

An amazing eight hour trip back to Kathmandu and here we are again at the Padma Hotel - Mingmar and Rangi. Because we had no contacts we had to go thru a travel agent for the trek and paid way too much. If anyone needs a guide Mingmar is fantastic. He has trekked all areas of Nepal to high altitude - very experienced - and he seems to know everyone which is such a bonus. If you are thinking of Nepal and trekking please check things out first - Mingmar Sherpa His prices are sooo much more reasonable. Email is drmingmar@hotmail.com Web site www.mingramtrekguide.com

This woman is a single Mum - she made easy to understand signals regarding a worthless ex-husband. Now she weaves all day making the belts the women wear around their waist, the woven aprons etc etc. She is such a strong woman and works so hard - couldn't help but admire her.
It's a bit hard to see but if you enlarge and look carefully inside the door there is a man in the 'dental surgery' having his tooth pulled!!!!! Syrabresi.

Our homestay at Ling Ling.
Get to the top of the hill and Mingmar would say we're now going down to the valley! Isn't it beautiful tho.
Just thought I'd pop this one in in case anyone was looking for some re-decorating ideas. Pink is very stylish this year I thought.

Watched the women weaving - it is just incredible that it all comes together as it looks very complicated in action. The colorful woven wool apron being woven here is usually worn only by married women.

One afternoon Mingmar and Rangi got out their mouth organs. It caused quite a stir and we were dancing and generally feeling very fortunate.
Beauty everywhere. Russ was interested to see the terraces of wheat.
Rangi and Russ decided to help a woman cleaning her corn - I think she is quite amused.
Class room at the school near Thambuchet. Just seems incredible in 2012 doesn't it, with all the opportunities our children have available.
We loved Chilime and because Mingmar is from the area we were able to attend a wedding!
Just magic to be there sharing life in the village.

The Bride and Groom

What a darling pair. So young. The bride came down that day from another village on the mountain. They were given many gifts - several pressure cookers! Lots of rice wine flowed. The wine cup has a little bit of yak butter touched on the side for a blessing - you can see the butter on the side of the larger containers. What a privilege to be able to be part of the celebration.