Thursday, February 16, 2012

The fact that we are heading off for a month on another little adventure has inspired me to write for the blog again - to let you know that I will be away even tho I will be answering emails and Alice will be doing her best with orders etc.
Cloth Paper Scissors, and Quilting Arts will be coming in together - so they will both go out as soon as they arrive. Art Doll 1/4 etc is rather late - the envelopes are addressed, the invoices completed etc - so Alice will send out. Was really hoping they would be here in time but sometimes they are here a few days after I order and sometimes they seem to take the long way round to get here!
Just going thru the mail and enjoying the letters and photos received - it's magic reading about everyone's exploits! We are very fortunate.
If you get a chance have a look at the Great article there on STUFF. I've spent so much time looking for things lately that the article was very thought provoking! Am truly ashamed of myself with all the projects I've started and then put away unfinished! They surround and haunt me! Aaaagh - what can I do!!!!
Have lashed out and decided to do a journal on this trip - I've made feeble attempts and Jaslyn has given me two great booklets that she has started for me. For the trip purchased a Strathmore journal - Mixed Media so will see how it goes! There are so many exciting examples of people's work on the net it's very inspiring! Strathmore have free online classes - I've been doing the one by Traci Bautista - Doodles Unleashed, Mixed Media Techniques. It's been fun - and of course I've had to go out and buy STUFF. Ink, oil pastels, set of watercolor paints! All sitting in pristine condition waiting, waiting............
Rangi is going to do a journal for school as well - so hopefully we can fit in some watercolor gear, pastels etc. Have packed my bag finally - and it's looking good. Over the years have learned to leave most of what I've laid out behind!
It's good to be back blogging again. Be back soon!

Christmas party was a great success - we love to over do it and treat each other to magic little surprises. Kaye says it's the highlight of the year - and we really did have a great sharing time.
Above is a sample of gifts I received - great little group.

Can't believe I'm back into blogging mode again! Have been trying to set up a blog for Rangi - at the moment he's under my blog site as he's too young to be accepted on his own. I'll keep trying on that one.
So much has happened - of course! We've had a magic class with Pam Grose last year - I'll add a photo of the works under construction!