Monday, February 14, 2011

Doll club today - had a great time creating and completing some of our UFO's. Kaye supplied a photo of her little sculpy fellows. Love the little hands she's added!
Just sent out Art Doll Quarterly, Belle Armoire etc so hopefully you are happily studying and exciting the creative juices. Some interesting dolls in latest Art Doll Quarterly - love the very ugly 'Misfit Art Dolls' by Catherine Zacchino - check them out on page 73.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow - it is easy to put up photos. If only I'd believed my friends. Top photo is some of the little Christmas pressies we received at out Xmas get together. The ten of us make ten things to swap - and we get ten little gifts if you keep one of your own. It is really good fun!
Lorraine, who made the reindeer, had us all taking a deep breath thinking of her making ten of them. Hard work is rewarded as she won the Cross Lotto on New Year's Eve. See what sewing can do for you! Ha.
The photo of the little figures is some pressies I made for doll gals - they were a lot of fun! I fired them at Trixie's and some fell over (note flat head on middle guy!) - and some burned - note birth marks under eye of guy with black mustache! I was going to throw them away but fortunately Trixie said they could be rescued. A few coats of paint does wonders.
The idea came from Vol 4 2010 Holidays and Celebrations. Check out page 78 if you have the book - they are fantastic fun.
We're going to have another play with these at our next get together 19th January.
Am in the middle of posting out Cloth Paper Scissors and 'Studio'. Just needed a little distraction! Back to it Joy. Catch ya! Oh - Happy New Year to y'all.