Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where have I been over the last few months??? Not blogging anyway. Arrived home safely from Nepal - what a magic experience. So many wonderful memories.
Russ has started a collection of Vanguards - three now - and they are quite cute! Consequently he decided we needed an old caravan to tow behind them. We're now the proud owners of a 1956 built bondwood caravan. Apart from the fact that it has no fridge, water tank or stove (unless you count the pump up fuel stove that it came with) its just perfect!!! Russ has six weeks leave so we took off in the van and decided to stay at daughters beach house to sit out the bad weather that was forecast. Well - it was so comfy in the house that the days went by and we ended up towing the van home yesterday, without having slept in it one night! Ha.
Came home to check out the farm, send out orders, and we will head off again tomorrow for another ten days - this time we will use the van.
Quilting Arts magazine arrived this morning so they've been sent out - looks interesting altho I haven't perused it properly yet. Have ordered the next Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine but that will be a little while. Also ordered the new Quilting Art special issue - am on the lap top so can't access details of that one but I'll obtain more info. Sounds as if it contains a lot of projects and info.
Adelaide Doll Club met last weekend - Christine Howard has taken over as President so it was interesting to hear how they are making plans for an exciting next twelve months. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain momentum in a club and find new and stimulating activities.
Our latest Grumpy Goddess weekend was a fabulous success - we did a Dresden Plate pincushion from the previous Gifts magazine. That is fun! Then some of us made the felt crows from an earlier Cloth Paper Scissors. I'll find the issue number so you can check it out. This time we were at Trixie's house in her well set out and tidy!!! studio. We are making plans for Broken Hill next year! The Bag Ladies of Broken Hill have invited us for a Grumpies weekend so that promises to be very eventful. Broken Hill is such a fascinating city, full of interest and contrasts! Sounds as tho the recent dust storms have been a bit unfortunate tho! It's awful to listen to the news with so many disasters and tragic stories.
Will make a determined effort to keep up with the posts! Wonder how Penny is going on her European trip? More news to come. Chchcheers everyone.