Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Did I say I'd be back soon??? Obviously I lied. We've been and arrived home again - it was all so amazing and eventful I didn't have time to get blogging. Bit sad in many ways as it's a great trip diary for us to look back on.
The trip was truly remarkable - to be so fortunate as to be able to travel around someone else's country on all sorts of weird and wonderful modes of transport, on indescribable roads, fly 12 kms up in the air and arrive home safe and sound is such a blessing! The people of Nepal are just incredible - so genuine, so welcoming, so friendly - and generally so poor. We are so fortunate - and it does feel sad to be there amongst so many people who don't have the opportunities we do. Then when time is up hop on the plane, return to our privileged lives and leave behind such poverty and so many wonderful people who just need an opportunity to make things better for themselves.
Came home and became so aware of the ailments associated with affluence!!!! Got on the bus and sat opposite a very obese woman who nibbled all the way. She was such a nice person - so interesting to chat to. We became great friends really in such a short time - but when she couldn't get out of her seat I felt so sad for the struggle she must have in her life. When she finally stood up and tottered in the aisle I thought she was going to fall on me - survive Nepal and then die of suffocation by my new friend on the way home!!! A couple with four children got on the bus and he was telling his partner in no uncertain terms that if she didn't 'you know what' lift her game he was going to 'you know what' right out of there. Then got off the bus in Pirie and a young woman carrying a newborn told her young son to go and get Dad as I ain't 'you know what' waiting around here all day. It just made me feel ill! Then - off to the shop and in the car park a young man was giving his partner hell. He used every bad word he could muster and started pushing her around and swearing and cursing. Honestly - what is wrong with out society? Nepal has pollution, shocking roads and poverty but they do have respect. I know there is domestic violence there but not an angry word did we see - not one harsh word to a child. Beautiful Hindu women going off to their little street statue in the morning for Puja, making a small offering to start the day. The Tibetan families get up really early and do their 'Kora' around the Buddhist Stupa, saying their mantra asking for blessings and preparing themselves to be a good person for the day.
I've just added the image of the Stupa at Boudha on the outskirts of Kathmandu. It's such a peaceful area compared to the rat race of Kathmandu.

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