Friday, May 29, 2009

greetings from Singapore

Added a post in last night - but it has lost itself! - and the last time I posted it went up three times! Can't get onto my webmail for some reason so thought the blog would be a way of letting the family know I've arrived safely. Saw a gem of a movie on the way over - "Absurdistan' - started Paul Theroux's 'The Mosquito Coast 'but couldn't get past the first three pages. He's certainly improved over the years - that must be a very early book. Reading 'Love Takes you Home' by Julie Capaldo at the moment - can recommend that one! Had a dinner of bean curd soup, steamed vegetable balls and mango pudding - and thought to myself what a lucky gal am I! This airport is like a city - I've spent the night here and it's easy to do. Rented a room for six hours (sounds like a house of ill repute doesn't it) - but good sleep and two showers did the trick.
Flight to Kathmandu leaves in a couple of hours so off for some noodles! Take care everyone - hopefully Westnet will be back on air by the time I get to Nepal. Cheers! Joy

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