Sunday, May 31, 2009

How lucky can one person be! I wish I could point a camera outside of this Internet cafe so you could see what I'm experiencing!!!! It's truly amazing! Can see a large Budhist monument (Stupa) that the locals - and others! walk around in a form of prayer. It's a special day here so there has been lots of drumming and chanting. A lot of beautiful old Tibetan men and women dressed in their traditional outfits - amazing little shops and alleyways - shops selling anything and everything. Noise and colour and smells! It is fantastic!
Had a good trip from Singapore - landed at the airport here and it was a blast from the past - poor old Nepal is in a very bad way economically - so much corruption! The ride from the airport was unreal - it's just too hard to describe an experience like that!!! The roads are shocking - streets narrow - people everywhere! Narrow roads and everyone tooting - bedlam. Arrived at the centre where I'm staying and it is total contrast - so beautiful and peaceful. Have a balcony that looks out to the mountains - feel like I'm dreaming sitting there watching everyone go about their day to day activities. Went to bed so early last night that I was awake at 3 thismorning - but it was fantastic watching the world wake up. At 4.30 the drums started at the Monastory next door - unreal!
The people at the centre are so nice! 300 people from 64 countries!!! So easy to make friends so have just been shopping with a really nice woman from Brisbane, yesterday with a woman from Germany and tomorrow going into the town centre with a woman from South America.
What a life eh.
Hope you are all going well!!! Hmmm - time fopr some Tibetan noodle soup and momos.
This is like a dream!!!! Love Joy

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