Thursday, May 21, 2009

Greetings wondrous ones

Can't believe we have received the Barb Willis book before it's release in the US!!! It is a stunning book - if you like Barb's style and you want a book with very detailed instructions and fabulous photos this is the book for you! is the link to Barb's site. Have her patterns in stock here too if you are interested.
Getting close to Barb's arrival in Adelaide - so those who are enrolled in the course are in for a treat.
I'm doing the last minute jobs before flying out on Friday - the list is growing, not reducing!
Somerset Art Quilting Studio - and Jewellery will be in stock anyday - Russ is posting out orders in my absence.
I won't put my email here as the spam is already horrific! Those who have the link now how to get in touch.
If you are interested in attending the Adelaide Doll club and don't have details let me know - Barb will be talking there on the 7th June - Sunday.

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