Monday, June 1, 2009

We start the retreat tomorrow so the internet room will be closed - I may get down to town but may not get away much! Ten days and it will be pretty full on.
Walked MILES today - there was a transport strike so no buses, no taxis - everything was SHUT. Met a woman from Venezuela - she's terrific - so we walked into Thamel - no one could believe we walked there and back - took about two hours each way so they were impressed. It was great as we had the road to ourselves - no taxis and cars tooting us and producing fumes. The pollution is very bad! Ulrike wanted to go to a bookshop there - so they let us in! We were the only ones in a HUGE shop that sells everything - it was so interesting - movies, crafts, textiles - and BOOKS and MORE BOOKS. Then they did lunch for us - the only ones in the restaurant. What a day! By the time we walked back we were ready for a shower and a rest.
Good to get some exercise. After our shower it was induction -so many from all parts of the world! Even someone from Kazikstan! - we were in a HUGE big shrine room - plenty of people.
Very poor country tho - that part of it is very sad. The Tibetans are gorgeous - lots of traditional clothing, smiles and hard work. It's nice to go into a shop and not have the 'I'm going to get ripped off' feeling like in India! Ha.
Yesterday went into Bouda and shopped and looked around! Ordered some clothes to be made and picked up tomorrow. Couldn't speak English with the woman in the shop but we had a lot of laughs together!
After 8 - ooow - going to be a late night! Ha. Better run.
Hope all well! Lots of wonderful fabrics and craft items.

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