Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back in Nepal!

Isn't life amazing! Hardly time to write a post in between and back again! Very fortunate. Russ and I had a wonderful time cruising around north of Australia last month viewing the results of magnificent rains - the birds, wildflowers, green grass, water, water everywhere. So many people travelling it's terrific to see - especially while the country is at it's best. When we arrived home a friend I met in Nepal last year suggested I come over while she is here teaching English - so in a few days it all became possible.
I did all the orders in advance (invoices, envelopes etc) for Interweave and Stampington publications - some of the boxes arrived before I left so hopefully the rest are in Russ's hot little hands and he has sent off to their new homes.
The new book by elinor, Barb Willis and Patti Culea has arrived. It probably contains more for the less experienced dollmaker but I decided to grab myself a personal copy as it has some interesting info, dolls, and peeks into their studios etc. $40 inc GST.
Jill Maas has a new pattern too - cute gal and her mouse. If I can get to the info without losing this I'll include the details - and a photo would be good if I'm clever enough! The power does drop out here and there tho - so see what happens! I've ordered the pattern so it will be there when I arrive home!
It is amazing to be here - it is just like landing on another planet - just so different. It's really enjoyable. I've been awake about 3 am every morning - still in Australia time I think - but I don't think I'd sleep much longer anyway as things start to happen in the monastery and there is a lot of noise! Thismorning it started with a heap of monks heading off somewhere about 3.30am. They were so disorganised it was a treat watching them from my window shouting instructions at each other and running back for more gear. Then the drums start and the singing etc etc - so it's good to be up early and watch and listen to what is going on. Then I went down to the Stupa where all the Tibetan refugees go to do their morning prayers. It's just magic watching all the different people and goings on - old ladies, kids. The beggars are a bit sad as you don't really know if they are genuine or not. Some of them have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve - but then again you can't blame them.Then two cappuchinos and a Nepali omelette for breaky and off to the English classes! How good eh! I've a bit of time to myself now so will mooch around and then go to English conversation at 3. We take off to Lumbini on the bus Friday morning early. We were going on the bus with everyone from the centre but it's a night time bus so we decided to go on the tourist bus and travel in the day where we can keep an eye on the driver - and the scenery too of course! Ha. He might need a bit of help using the brakes!
When I was down at the Stupa there were a lot of the butter candles burning and I had some time to reflect on today being Shirley Shaw's funeral back in Australia. It seems such a waste when people develop such wonderful talent and they can't stay around for ever. Each time the Grumpy Goddesses get together we remember Bernarda, Ros and Heather - and now dear Shirley - we will certainly miss her.
What am I doing sitting at the computer! Lovely to chat with everyone tho. Hope all is well back home and you are creating away happily - and getting inspiration from all the new magazines that have just arrived on your door!
Going to put this up before I lose it - and then tackle the photos! Ooow. Catch you soon. Joy

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Shashi Nayagam said...

Good to hear from you and that you are enjoying your travels. Look forward to seeing the photos. Have a safe trip where ever you travel.