Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last class today

Just finished last English class - it's been a really enjoyable experience and the monks are great and keen to learn. Liz is a really good teacher and I've learned a lot thru the experience.
Have started packing - going out with Liz tonight and off to dinner with my old boss from the Cook Islands tomorrow. Quite a taxi trip I think - other side of town. It has been terrific to see them again - so friendly and we had a lot of memories to share. Looking forward to them coming to Australia now!
Have to soak everything up today and tomorrow - walking out from the Monastery Guest house thismorning on to the street and there are all the wonderful people with beautiful smiles and 'Tashi Dalek' greetings, heading down to the Stupa with their Mala beads. It's great watching the place come to life - the meat being laid out in the 'butcher shops', the street vendors with a piece of canvas on the ground with their wares displayed. Everything from stainless steel plates, western clothing, lime, chili, fruit, veges, very good quality watches!!! - mobile phones etc etc.
Liz ordered a milk tea the other day - the local tea - with extra ginger. Somehow things got mixed up and she received a garlic milk tea. Needless to say it wasn't that good! Ha.
Hmmmm - where will I have lunch. Garden Cafe, Saturday Cafe, Flavours? Will I have momos - or curry - or soup. So many decisions!!!!
Better go. Catch you all next week if I don't get a chance to do another posting.
Love to all! Tashi Dalek! Joy

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