Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time to start packing!

Just realized I leave here on Sunday. Talking to Liz thismorning about what plans we have for Sunday - and woops!!!! Makes me nervous thinking about packing and fitting everything into my little rucksack. It's hard not to buy bits and pieces - and it all takes up space. I didn't bring many clothes but did prepare for cooler weather - it's been quite warm, so pity I bought quite so many 'layers'.
Just been to Enlglish classes - it's interesting seeing interpretations of our language. It's hard not to pass on the Aussie accent! Hear things repeated back to me and ooow! Do I really sound so nasal!
Hear that Akira Blount is teaching in Australia next year - that's a coup eh. What an opportunity!
Really have to absorb everything here for the next couple of days - it's all so different. Just walking out onto the street the sights and sounds that greet are amazing. Thismorning walking to classes the vege vendors were out pushing their little carts, people were heading down to the Stupa for morning practice, kids heading off to school - a gorgeous Tibetan man took my eye in traditional dress with several beautiful nose rings, dogs having a stretch, women in saris or shalwar shameez. Then someone spits in the street in front of you - or a motor bike toots right behind and stirs things back into reality.
The traffic is horrendous - tooting, speeding, people, bikes, cars, cycles, push carts all in a jumble somehow getting places - usually safely.
Had a motor bike ride home yesterday - I bought a heap of beautiful woolen shawls and and the shop keeper obviously thought he'd done so well he gave me a ride back on his bike. I'm used to bikes and felt quite safe (even tho HE had the helmet on) - but he kept re-assuring me he'd drive slowly and safely.
The rubbish in the streets is one awful part of the experience - I did see a rubbish truck once - but there doesn't seem to be any regular pick up service - no bins - no feeling that it's wrong to toss things in the street. You really have to watch where you step!
I could go on and on but always scared the power will go out and I'll lose what I've written. Thinking of you all - great to get the odd email here and there. Take care and catch up soon. Cheers Joy

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