Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reporting from Lumbini

After a really interesting bus trip here we are in Lumbini! Up at 4am, two taxi trips to the bus station - an all day trip to 'the turn off' - and then another local bus for about an hour to Lumbini itself. Sometimes I think I've landed on another planet - it's so amazing - so different! - and so wonderful. Feel so very, very blessed to have opportunities like these.
Have had trouble getting on the internet - and trouble phoning home - but hopefully someone is checking in here as all is well and wondering how you are all going back in Australia. In Lumbini it is a big Buddhist 'conference' on World Peace. It is surreal sitting with Liz at the Sakya Monastery listening to the chanting and seeing about 1000 monks seated in front of us. There are very few foreigners - very special to be here. Last night we visited the site of Buddha's birth - and it doesn't matter if you are Buddhist or not it has an amazing feeling with people from all over the world meditation, praying, singing, making offerings etc. Quite overwhelming really in the evening with all the butter lamps burning.
I've been able to get on the web site to read my emails but can't reply - so I'll go back now and see if I have more luck.
Greetings to all!!! Will write more when I get back to Kathmandu in a few days.
Yesterday we ran into some Indian Buddhist monks that Liz new from her travels in India - she introduced me and the older monk said 'May you live long'. Such a special greeting - so 'May you live long'. Cheers Joy


Penny said...

Not sure what happened, I missed your last post.
Didnt get to the funeral as my guests didnt leave until late but thought of Shirley all day.
Day surgery on my knee on the 25th of Nov, arthroscope, hope it fixes it.
Sounds as if you are having an interesting time, take care.

Bear said...

hi joyous
hope all is going well and you are still enjoying yourself, life goes on - thought of Shirley as well all day seems such a shame so young.
You take really good care of you and Liz missing you like mad enjoy the rest of your time over there
love n hugs always bear xoxoxoxox