Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back again

Hello Penny - and Judith. See you've checked in. I've asked Christine for your email Penny - didn't bring it.
Well - I published that last post as a safety measure as I didn't want to lose it again!
At the cremation grounds there is a place for people to come and pass away. I'm not sure how this one works but in Varinasi one has eight days to die and if you don't pass in that time you have to move out! Can you imagine - so people refuse drink and food to hurry the process. Compare that to the fact that our biggest percentage of spending in health care is in the last three months of life in Australia!
There is also another area here for older people who are old and soon to pass away - one of the Spanish men staying here went and visited. He has the kindest heart and was relating the story of how happy they were to have a visitor and how they laughed and cried together. It was very touching - but don't imagine an old folks area like home - a large room without about 50 people, hot dark and humid. How blessed we are.
Ulrike is just looking on her laptop and seeing pictures from the last few moments on the Air France plane - it is nice to imagine that it just blew up suddenly but not so - hard to imagine the terror of their last few moments.
Everyone here has amazing life stories to tell - they speak several languages - seemed to have had so many lives they've done so much! We are like a big family here now and it is a great atmosphere.
Great to chat! Hope you are all well and happy - and love an email here and there with some news from home.
Namaste! Love Joy

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Penny said...

Sounds as if all is going well and I hope it keeps that way. Cant remember when you get back. I think Russ should have got rain but we had not much at all.
Busy busy, cant wait for you to get home.