Friday, June 19, 2009

Namaste! Good to see you've called in Jo! One week to go so have to make the most of the time left! Had a couple of days laying lo with the 'bug' so feeling a lot better. Fortunately I didn't get it really bad but some have been really ill. Seems to just work it's way thru and everyone has to have a turn! Did flake it on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night ~so fortunately I must have went down gently as no lumps or bumps! Woke up looking at the ceiling wondering where on earth was I? Ha. No damage so lived to tell the story and feeling better! Part of the experience.
My window is up from the water filtration system for the monastory ~noticed it's been leaking into the next door paddock and reported it thismorning to the monk that seems to be helping run things here. He assured me it was OK ~so had a magic morning watching the locals come to fill up their water containers, have a wash and play in the mud. It really makes you stop and think when you think in the middle of a big city people have to cart their own water!
We are so dashed fortunate! According to Buddhist philosophy it's all due to our Kalma ~but in many cases I find that very hard to comprehend.
Kathmandu is really hanging out for rain ~ I guess all of Nepal is. A filmmaker is here returned from a trip into Tibet and she said it is the same there ~ very dry. Apart from everything else the rain clears the pollution so my view from the room isn't quite the same anymore ~quite hazy. Can't help but wonder what is going to happen to this place ~so many people, so much corruption, so many cars, motor bikes, pollution, rubbish.
See in the paper thismorning there was a large torchlight demonstration in the centre last night ~ the government is having a lot of trouble sorting itself out. One of the German guys here asked me at breakfast what I thought about the Army Chef ~ hmmmm. Said I'd have to meditate on that one as wasn't sure what he meant. Couldn't get the joke! The conversation went on about him being re-instated etc ~ and I ended up asking if it was something to do with his cooking. Anything possible here! Turns out he was talking about the Army Chief!!! We've had a lot of laughs about accents. Really making some interesting friends ~ such interesting stories many of them have to tell.
Hope everyone is going well! Better get ready for lunch - terrific food. Momos, Tibetan soups, vegetable curries etc. We're so lucky!!!! Love Joy

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Bear said...

Hi Joyous
Sounds like you are enjoying your time away- but all to soon you will be home- will be looking forward to your stories darlingoneand not just the shopping!
Keep well and no more passing out hear?? and be safe and take good care of you
lottsa love n hugs Bear xoxoxox