Sunday, June 14, 2009


There is nothing nicer than walking down the street being greeted by 'Namaste' and hands together in the prayer position. Everyone is so friendly - this is a very comfortable environment. Of course this doesn't count the frustration of trying to use a computer with power failures etc. I'm in a room at the centre with three computers - I'd nearly finished a long post for the blog and just before I sent it the computer screen went black. It wasn't a power failure as it didn't happen to the others in the room - oh well! Stay calm - but I'm a bit lazy on doing it all again. I kept saving but can't find the save!
Everything seems to be tootling along fine back home - Russ has been doing orders and has sent out all the magazines etc that have been arriving. Hear that the Barbara Willis class in Adelaide was marvellous - can't wait to see the results!
We've had a few days off and classes start again tomorrow. Ulrike and I had a big day shopping etc today - but rumours are circulating of another strike so maybe we'll be having a day at the centre. Last strike we walked into Thamel - a good two hours! The shops were shut but one let us in the side door and we had a magic time browsing around - and then were the only two in the restaurant. We did get to see a lot more with no traffic - no cars tooting! We won't be walking today tho as it is much hotter now.
Yesterday we went for a trip out of town - it was good to see the countryside and a different view of life from Kathmandu. Every sight is to be savoured - it is all so different and amazing. The will to survive and make a few dollars drives life - and everwhere along the footpaths is someone with something to sell - or the gear to mend shoes etc. Lines of little stores all trying to sell something. So much poverty - and frustrating when so much help has been given to the country and so much has been wasted.
Yesterday's paper had an article about the use of child labour - with stories of six year olds working in the quarries. Imagine how it feels to see a woman loaded up with rocks or wet concrete in a basket on her back. Such a struggle for so many. How fortunate are we.
The previous day I walked to a little town called something like Pashmanitath - don't have my book - but it has some nice temples and a cremation area. I didn't find the cremations confronting at all - it was interesting to watch the ceremony and I felt the old lady about to physically leave the planet didn't mind teaching me a lesson. It certainly reminds one how short life is and how we have to make the most of it!
I'm going to post this now just in case! Then I'll do a little more.

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