Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Namaste! Cool and cloudy here today - hopefully some rain brewing. It's so dry and the air could do with a good clear.
Sorting and packing ready to catch the plane on Saturday. Don't seem to have bought anything brilliant but will need to send a box home methinks.
Things seem to be tootling along well at home - hope everyone is feeling fit, with lots of news to tell when we catch up next week. It will be strange waking up at home after the time here - I still pinch myself, amazed that I'm really here.
Went to another part of town and visited some Fair Trade shops that deal fairly with women (!!!) - that was great, and then wandered the historical area. There in the middle of it all was a set of steps down to water fountain affairs - and a huge line up of people with plastic kegs etc lined up to get water. It must take all day as the flow was small and the line long. Unbelievable - can you imagine having to cart all your water for the day! No long showers - no showers! How fortunate we are.
One day went up to Kopan Monastory - up in the hills above Kathmandu. Such a beautiful peaceful place - wonderful gardens, shrines etc. We really enjoyed passing the time strolling around - and then we sat for quite some time in the gompa - temple. It is the most amazing place - the decoration! Just overwhelming with carving and painting. Another special day.
Today I'm heading off for my last day of shopping -have been trying desparately to get some clothes but afraid if you're over 25 the range is limited. Of course everything is here but it's not that easy to find!!!
Poor Kathmandu - so dirty, noisy and smelly - but the most beautiful, friendly people! It is such a pleasant atmosphere and such a joy to walk the streets smiling and chatting.
Back to sorting, shopping, meditating, enjoying! Thinking of you all. Certainly appreciate the emails.
Cheers big ears! Joy

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Penny said...

I will be glad when you get home, all sounds so interesting. Have you found any beads?
I have messed my leg up by falling off the table. John tells every one I was trying to fly. Damn nuisance.
Enjoy your last days