Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Penny! One has to ask what you were doing on the table? Hope you are getting around OK.
Yes- it's fun packing. Ulrike and I both leave on Saturday so we've been comparing notes and sharing the scales. Fun trying to fit everything in.
I spent the day shopping yesterday - no beads Penny. Found the Pote Bazaar but it's all seed beads. Bought myself a necklace and can't believe how I let myself get ripped off. Sometimes one wonders - but the salesman was good - too good. Then I priced a very nice bracelet - $160US. 'You have expensive taste' he tells me - this is a really good bracelet. Explained I only wanted something for about $20US for a gift - and after haggling etc he was going to give it to me for $20US. Can you believe it. I walked out the shop and a few minutes later realised I'd been had. Ha. When I left yesterday morning said to myself 'You are going to be conned by professionals - be careful!
Bought a few clothes and CD's and DVD's. Nothing much really - but had a great day. Books are soooo cheap it's hard not to get carried away. Did by Ken Follett's latest - is it End of the Earth - something like that. It's huge but can carry that with me.
Soooo - nothing very exciting. Walking thru the street or getting tossed around in a taxi - they are the sights you need to experience to understand. Watching the porters carry a fridge, wardrobe or bed on their back! The beggars. The cute kids. The Tibetan women with their prayer wheels and national dress. The little shops. The sidewalk markets. The temples.
It's amazing.
Back to packing. See you soon. Hope all well with you folk! Cheers. Joy

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